MediaLandscape Software

The MediaLandscape line of software are products by Clotho Advanced Media Inc. developed in close communication with Sonic Foundry. MediaLandscape complements and extends the Mediasite presentation recording system. These products were conceived to meet specific needs in the education and training communications market, where a mature multimedia development marketplace is already using Macromedia tools, and there is an increasing Macintosh and Linux user base as well.

Flash based approaches serve this market well - but affordable, scalable approaches to capturing teaching content were lacking. In Mediasite's unique appliances and efficient publishing strategy, we saw a solution to that problem. After discussing this with key members of the Sonic Foundry team, a collaboration was born and has led to two initial software products from Clotho, the MediaLandscape Convert and MediaLandscape Player.

These tools empower Mediasite customers to leverage the rich potential that Flash based distribution and customization can add to the already impressive Mediasite system. From concept through execution, MediaLandscape products are build specifically to work with Mediasite content.

With MediaLandscape, Mediasite users can convert and extend the functionality of their recorded content to playback in any Macromedia Flash enabled browser. And this allows the Macromedia Flash developer community access to a whole host of new content, because the output are editable Flash objects.

We intend to extend and deepen the MediaLandscape suite with presentation editing and extension capabilities in the MediaLandscape Author, shipping in 2005. With this end to end solution - you will be able to edit and re-combine your Mediasite content, include other resources, and build sophisticated rich media applications - while still leveraging the ease of capture and content publishing offered by Mediasite.

OK, but who is Clotho anyway?

Clotho Advanced Media is a small Madison Wisconsin based software company. We've been in business for a decade or so building sophisticated educational content authoring and playback solutions for customers as diverse as American Girl and The University of Wisconsin Madison. Our products are built to allow non-technical subject matter experts to create and deliver coordinated interactive presentations that include video, audio, HTML, and real-time participation. This sort of engaging and dynamic Internet and CD content has proven effectiveness in multiple applications. Our software works within your existing Content Management System and web infrastructure, or can in many cases be used to replace portions of either.

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