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Conversion Service

MediaLandscape Converter is easy to install and use, but if you just want us to handle your Mediasite to Flash conversions for you, we can help.

Convenient Service
All you have to do is provide us with information, and we do the rest of the work. If we have any questions about your job, we'll get in touch with you to resolve them.

You provide us information to connect to your Mediasite server, and the Title or ID of the presentation you want converted.
We provide you 1 business day maximum turnaround for a presentation (often faster)

    Same MediaLandscape Output
  • Your original Mediasite content converted to Macromedia Flash format, for use on any web server.
  • Play presentations in any web browser using Flash on Macintosh, Linux, and Windows.
  • Royalty free player distribution license for your content on the web, on CD, or anywhere you like
  • Your converted content will be repaired for free if we fix any Player bug
  • Output is fully compatible with MediaLandscape Converter, Player, and forthcoming Author tools
  • Custom functionality in your Player can be separately ordered